Pure Rain


RRP $89.90 incl GST

Pure Rain is the world’s first patented water purification shower head. The shower head generates 421,000 negative ions/cc with its Patented shower plate. That is almost 10 times more than the Niagara falls. Special micro filter cartridge is used to filter contaminants from the shower water. The shower housing is made with high quality transparent polycarbonate so the user can see when to replace the cartridge. Innovative convex stainless steel shower plate sprays the water wide enough to give you full coverage.



Pure Rain (Full set)

RRP $149 incl GST

Product Inclusions: 1x Pure Rain Shower Head, 1x Drill-Free Bracket (Brass) and Brass Flexible Hose (1.5m)

Add a little versatility and fun to your shower by replacing a standard fixed-head shower head with a fully adjustable flexible hose  shower head. This cleverly designed Drill-Free bracket connects to the wall without any construction. The shower head clips onto an adjustable hook, which can be positioned in different angles.

The hose and the bracket normally retail for $79.95 each as a individual unit. We have bundled the package for an amazing price of $149 (25% discount).



Pure Rain 9000 Features

Still not convinced?

Look at the incredible savings on water and energy bill based on just one shower per day!