Why Ionic Shower


Patented stainless steel spray plates not only delivers powerful spa-jet feeling but uses 25%-30% less water and energy (hot water). The Ionic Plus shower head has a 3 star WELS rating of 8L/min, one of the best in its class.





Spray plates with laser-etched triangular holes will increase weak water pressure to provide that luxurious spa-jet feeling. Powerful and spiraling water streams means less time wasted rising.

With its patented shower plate you can keep your skin baby soft and smooth. It is commonly known fact that smaller water clusters can easily enter the pores to remove dirt and moisturise the skin.





Ionic Plus shower head generates 421,000 negative ions/cc with its Patented shower plate. That is almost 10 times more than the Niagara falls. Negative ions are known to help enhance the immune system, increase oxygen in the blood, increase metabolism, reduce toxins and help protect against the harmful effects of chlorine on the skin. Furthermore, negative ions will help to reduce bacteria, odor, mold promoting a healthy bathroom experience.



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